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Is your Computer slow, do you have to constantly reboot it because it's completely frozen?

Did you know that 80% of Computer problem are Software related? Could be a corrupt driver, missing Dll's, malware infections and the list goes on and on... Before spending any money for a technician, Diy Computer Repair. Clean up your Pc from any old software installed on your hard drive, make a full scan with an antivirus and also a anti spyware program, update all your computer software, Windows update, Office update, video card, audio and network driver. Good chance after all of this that your computer will work normally. If not you should really scan your Pc with a software to
Fix the Windows Registry


Some Hot Tips To Fix That Slow Running Computer

Is Computer running slow; it might be time to start fresh.

Tips on slow computer fixes for computer running slow.

This can be one of your problems fragmentation of your hard disk is another cause for your computer running slow. If your computer running slow and sluggish.

Could Be Files Making Your Computer Running Slow

You see there are some dll files that are shared between programs. These can also make your computer run slow, what you could do is have an Optimizer to get rid of old and unwanted files in your register and on the computer, do a search on Google for PC cleaner.

You might have corrupted files, your computer could have faulty memory, currupt windows files, your power supply could be on its way out, however my best guess would be your RAM.

Might Be A Program Problem

You might find that programs will often set the Load on start-up feature automatically when installing so deselect this option during the installation to take control. When on the net and you go to certain web sites, little programs or tracking cookies are put on your computer. Another big no no is , if you open attachments in emails, little programs can be installed on your computer.

In Windows There Is Some Help

Did you know that within Windows includes a Disk Defragmenter program to piece all your files back together again and make them quicker to open.

This is what happens, Windows lets closed programs stay in memory; that's why you have to reboot your computer to keep the performance up. , Windows XP runs very well with 512M, and ok with 256M, but a PC runs slow with less.

Can Your Computer Be Fixed?

If your computer runs slow is very possible to be fixed.

There can be files, using resources on YOUR computer, which you never asked for. These can get there by what's called spyware or adaware.

You Should Run A Virus Scan And Spyware Scan

By running one of these free scans will mean you can decide if you need to obtain this type of software to maintain your Registry.

You'll find that most computers that are running slow, are targets of malicious software infections.

Why Is Your Computer So Slow

Be aware that there are many possible causes for a slow computer, not all are Spyware or Adware related although the majority of cases tend to be.

Another reason for slow performance issues can often be due to overheating, so if the system is faster after it has been shutdown for a while and then restarted -- that would be especially suspect.

By adding memory can be the least expensive and yet one of the most significant ways to fix slow system.

By Running Too Many Programs

This will help too, if you can reduce a few programs running in the background. What you do is click to highlight any program you don? want , (but leave ones like Systray running) Click End Task.

One good thing is if you are running Windows there are several tools you may wish to try, like Scandisk, Disk Defragmentor, and Disk Cleanup.

What Can Affect Your System

One thing that can happen is when a computer go slows it has probably been infected by several types of malicious software, and every single one of them are competing with the others for the available system resources.

Be very mindful that there are also highly destructive viruses out there that will physically destroy your system.

Next we want to cleanup any errors on the drive using Scandisk, so go to Start-My Computer-right click on the C: drive and choose Properties-Tools Tab-Error checking-click the Check Now button-check the Automatically fix system errors-click Start.

Have you or your family complained about your computer running slower than ever. Computers Software Internet Is your computer running slow, your Computer Registry may be part of the problem.

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