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Is your Computer slow, do you have to constantly reboot it because it's completely frozen?

Did you know that 80% of Computer problem are Software related? Could be a corrupt driver, missing Dll's, malware infections and the list goes on and on... Before spending any money for a technician, Diy Computer Repair. Clean up your Pc from any old software installed on your hard drive, make a full scan with an antivirus and also a anti spyware program, update all your computer software, Windows update, Office update, video card, audio and network driver. Good chance after all of this that your computer will work normally. If not you should really scan your Pc with a software to
Fix the Windows Registry


How to Clean up your Laptop Screen

Do you miss that shiny new laptop look? Here's how to brew your own laptop screen cleaning kit. With Household Products you can do it, no need for fancy computer product wich do not come cheap.

Dilute isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) into a mix with no more than 50% alcohol and the rest distilled water.
Put the solution in a small spritzer bottle, the type that you push from the top to get a fine mist. It works really well at getting just the right amount on your screen with a spray on each quadrant.
Apply the mix to a cotton cloth, such as an old T-shirt, lint-free microfiber cloth, or other very soft cloth. A large cloth is best, since it will help to reduce the risk of leaving streaks across the screen from finger pressure.
Wipe the cloth against the screen in a counter-clockwise, or other consistent motion. Apply an even pressure to the cloth but take care not to press your fingers into the cloth or screen.

Expensive store-bought products such as Kensington Screen Guardian contain the same mixture of alcohol and water. 3M's Antistatic Cleaning Solution contains this same mix, plus Ethylene Glycol.
If you apply too much of the solution and it is drippy or too damp, wipe it off with a soft cloth and apply less.
Tissues will likely leave flakes of paper on your monitor. It's better to not even try using them.
You don't want mineral spots on your screen, so don't use tap water.
Using a 100% cotton cloth or shirt alone, without the alcohol mix, can sometimes produce the same smudge-free results without going to the trouble of mixing your own solution.
If you're a photographer, you can use your lint-free lens wipes instead of a soft cotton cloth.
If you are looking for a cheap way to get your hands on ready-made cleaning solution, try CD/DVD cleaner, which is often 55% Isopropyl alcohol and is not harmful to most plastic surfaces.

Do not drink Isopropyl alcohol. It is not grain alcohol. It is toxic.
Do not use cheap paper towels. You will scratch the LCD screen.
Avoid using products such as Windex because these contain ammonia and it can degrade the LCD panel.
Shut down your laptop, unplug it from the power adapter, and remove the battery before cleaning it or you risk exposing yourself to an electrical shock.

Things You'll Need
Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
Distilled water
A soft cotton cloth


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